The lure to make money quick still drives lots of people to bet on the outcome of sports events. The idea of generating $100,000 in a year betting on sports can be achieved with discipline and a workable plan. To achieve the feat of making $100,000 through sports betting in one year, you have to be committed to the goals you set. With an overall goal of generating $100,000 in a year, the next thing to do as with any other long term goal is to break the major goal into smaller ones.

This is the secret to most of the great success stories you know. A Professor of Medicine did not achieve the enviable position by sudden flight but by being committed to the goal on a daily basis. There was creche, nursery, basic, secondary, and higher institution schooling to be navigated. Thinking in this term, break the $100,000 goal into a daily, weekly, monthly, or even quarterly goal. With your goal of generating $100,000 a year from sports betting now broken down into smaller units of either daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly, the next logical thing is to determine the steps you need to take to make the year-end goal achievable. You may like to bet on a daily basis if the sports you bet on is available all year round as in the case of soccer. You might also decide to split your bets across several sports websites like The step you choose to help you achieve your year-end goal is very key.


With a goal, you have something to aim for It serves as a lighthouse that points a ship in the right direction. By breaking it down into smaller units $100,000 becomes $274 per day, $1,924 per week, $8,333 monthly, and $25,000 per quarter. Unlike the ball-park figure of $100,000 which seems gigantic, these smaller units can be looked at and seemachievable.


With your goals and steps on how to generate $100,000 a year betting on sports now in place, the next factor to be considered is how to pick winning games. Bearing in mind that finding winnable games on a regular basis is quite a herculean task, your new focus is on how you can get the winning edge that you desire.The best chance you have is to choose games that you have a winning edge on.

Any other attempt might be suicidal to your long term goal. In essence, this means there may be times when you do not have the total number of odds you require in your favor. For instance, you may require an odd of 27 daily if you want to bet $10 only.This should give you the daily target of $274. However, there might be a day when your winning edge odd is 2.7. To achieve your daily target of $274,

there will be a need for you to place a bet of $100.What all this means is that you can only achieve your year-end goal by winning consistently on a daily basis, and to do this, the amount you place on a bet is decided by the total odd you get on the games that give you a winning edge.On certain days, depending on the total odds you get, you may have to stake more on your bet.


There is the bookmaker to also consider as you aim to achieve this lofty goal. Remember that it is the job of the bookmaker to make a profit.The bookmaker does this by calculating odds in his favor. Those games which you have a winning edge on are not just visible to you; the bookmaker also knows about it.For those games which have a great likelihood of happening, the winning odd given by the bookmaker is almost negligible.In order to beat the bookmaker, you now have to work harder in finding good odds.Your research has to be detailed or you end up losing money instead of being able to achieve the $100,000 desired by you.You also have to be disciplined on the maximum odd you need for a single day.Keep to a system that works for you and be willing to analyze more statistics in order to have any chance at all in beating the bookmaker in his business. In a nutshell, for you to generate $100,000 a year betting on sports, you need to win consistently.This consistency requires having a system that works.It may be that you have a number of games you bet on irrespective of the number of games available on a given day.It also entails your working extra hard by analyzing statistics more in order to beat the bookmaker in the long run.Sticking to a maximum odd to bet on a day is also key. Since you intend to make more than a living through sports betting, you should also be ready to invest a good sum of money in order to achieve your year-end goal.